There is simply no other AFM manufacturer that provides the customer service and support like Asylum Research. Our objective is to maximize your productivity and minimize your cost of ownership so you can be successful with your research. Hear why Asylum users think our service and support is #1 in the AFM industry.

Scott MacLaren, UIUC

"Many companies say they provide great service and support, but consistently fail to do so. Asylum Research, on the other hand, proves every day how much they care about their customers by providing the best service and support in the industry. Truly exceptional.”

Scott MacLaren, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Jeremy Levy, Univ. of Pitt

"I am very happy with my choice of AFM. Asylum support is amazing. You can talk directly to the scientists/engineers – there is no barrier. Definitely if I were going to buy another AFM it would be an Asylum.”

See Jeremy Levy's inspiring TEDx video on his "Etch-a-Sketh Nanoelectronics" work exploring novel phenomena in solid state systems.

Jeremy Levy, University of Pittsburgh

“I have to say, of all the instruments in my care, from FACS to multiphoton to laser tweezers to CT scanners to PCR machines to AFM, you guys are hands down the best when it comes to customer care and support!!!! Thanks for all your help over the last couple years!!!”

Chris Bjornsson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sonia Contera, Oxford University

“We use Asylum Research AFMs for their great resolution and precision and for the pleasure of dealing with such knowledgeable and helpful customer support.”

Sonia Contera, Oxford University

MIklos Kellermayer

"Working with the Asylum Research support team is like having an additional bio-AFM specialist on our staff”.

Miklos Kellermayer, Semmelweis University


"The AFM in Biology Class, April 13-15, 2011 was very instructive. The literature, on-hands sample preparation labs and imaging sessions on the MFP-3D BIO and Cypher were very useful and applicable to our research endeavors at the College of Medicine’s Microscopy Imaging Center, University of Vermont. The staff was outstanding in that they made you feel like a part of a caring family; since the class, the ongoing correspondence and assistance has been stupendous. Being housed at the Best Western Inn location of Santa Barbara, CA and experiencing outstanding weather made for a very relaxing atmosphere for scholarship. It was great to see folks I had dealt with in the past; connecting faces to names. I had correspondence in years past with Sophia when she was with DI/Veeco and I had met Nick Geisse as well as notable Jason Cleveland at the John Hopkins BioAFM Course with eminent Jan Hoh in July 2000. Getting to know other folks with Asylum Research and meeting fellow AFM users was congenially refreshing. Oh, the barbecue festivities was an outstanding group soirée. Thanks for the hospitality and great course."

Anthony Quinn, University of Vermont

"We are combining the Asylum AFM (MFP-3D-BIO) with an optical microscope to obtain high-resolution fluorescence imaging. Asylum engineers and scientists provide professional consultation for our installation. We are thankful for their continuous support to our research in fluorescent nanodiamond."

Huan Cheng Chang, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

“I appreciate the extensive training provided by Asylum and their efforts in working with us to develop new experiments with the Asylum AFM system.”

W.K. Chan, University of Hong Kong

Eric Darling, Brown University

“AR once again proves it has excellent customer service!”

Eric Darling, Brown University

"As a fairly young research institute it was important for us to purchase only the best instrumentation available, both to attract the best researchers and to ensure immediate scientific competitiveness. As such, Asylum Research was a natural choice.”

Lars Niemann, CSI, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

"I called technical support this morning (3/10/2010) with a few questions concerning our instrumentation, and I spoke with Alejandro. He was very insightful and helped me understand what my instrument (MFP-3D) was doing. I felt this was above and beyond the usual tech support calls I make to Asylum, which are already fantastic."

Thomas Mullen, University of California, Davis

Thorsten Hugel, Albert-Ludigs-Universitat Freiburg

"Asylum (and the German office) support is great - you can talk directly to the scientists and engineers – there is no barrier."

Thorsten Hugel, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Matteo Chiesa,Masdar

“Asylum provides such good service that it is pointless to go to anyone else for our next AFM.”

Matteo Chiesa, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi

"We’ve worked with commercial AFMs for more than 10 years but now for the first time, we own a microscope designed by researchers for researchers, the MFP-3D. With their unprecedented dedication and affection for the needs of researchers in the field of nanobiotechnology, Atomic Force/Asylum Research are clearly leading the field."

Andreas Janshoff, University of Göttingen

“I was originally worried about moving our AFM, but Asylum's expertise and knowledgability ensured it was moved and set up without a hitch. Their customer service is paramount - I felt everyone there went the extra mile to make sure our AFM would be working at our new site. And all this occurred without any extra fees or charges. The Asylum AFM itself works great! We are not only able to obtain great images of our samples, but we can also create Asylum MFP-3D code in IGOR to suit our imaging and analytical needs.”

Rajay Kumar, Scientist, Etamota Corporation

"We wanted to thank you again for our second MFP-3D installation. We enjoyed working with and learning from Jean, as well as Rob's visit and information. It has been truly a pleasure working with Asylum Research and every time you continue to impress us with your excellent products, service, positive attitude, dedication and friendliness. Just a couple of weeks ago Mike Holmstrom was guiding two of our students on diagnosing a damaged piezo, and after shipping the stage for repairs it came back within a couple of days. We are extremely grateful for everything you do and look forward to continuing working with you in the future. Hopefully we'll be placing another order before too long."

Santiago Solares, George Washington University

“Your tech support staff has been great in helping us get the best possible data. They are definitely willing to go the extra mile. Asylum Support is Iconic!”

Bryant Chase and Campion Loong, Florida State University

“You all did a remarkable job in all areas [in the training]! I am especially grateful for your sincere willingness to help each of us and the time and energy you spent with me to help, explain, guide and think together about my results. But above all you shared with us your love of the AFM, which couldn’t possibly be ignored, and gave us an insight into a very special company.”

Yael Dror, Oxford University

“I think what makes Asylum such a good company is the service that you provide. I have never had this kind of luck with (competitor) and I am very pleased we have now chosen to go with Asylum.”

Esra Roan, University of Memphis

"The open source nature of the Asylum Research software combined with the powerful data analysis framework of Igor Pro has enabled unprecedented flexibility in both data collection and analysis within the Jarvis group. The ability to apply custom control routines has allowed us to develop a number of bespoke online experiments including realtime thermal Z drift correction for constant indentation depth force curves, and synchronisation routines that allow the triggered capture of confocal images when performing cell indentations at a specified depth and/or force. We have also been able to develop an array of custom offline data analysis packages within the group which have extend our capabilities to include blind tip reconstruction, quantitative frequency modulation (FM) data analysis, and automated analysis of cell mechanics indentation data.”

Jason Kilpatrick, Jarvis Group, Conway Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland

"I recently attended Asylum's AFM in Biology Class without much AFM experience and was skeptical about how much knowledge and experience I could gain in just three days. The class turned out to be way above my expectations: it was very well organized with classroom lectures balanced with hands-on exercises. There were never more than two students per microscope. The instructors were all experts in their fields and very approachable. The atmosphere at Asylum was relaxed and fun, making the class extremely enjoyable. Oh, I should also mention that they fed us really well!"

Fettah Kosar, Technical Manager, Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University

“Thank you so much for your hospitality during the Summer 2011 Nanomechanics Class. Your technical knowledge and abilities are staggering. You guys are wicked smart! The icing on the cake is that every single person I encountered at Asylum was helpful, gracious, and friendly. From lunch on the bluffs to the networking events, everyone was welcoming and professional. Thank you!”

Robin Kalinich, Sandia National Labs

“Very well organized and a great value. There was almost a one-to-one ratio of instructors to students and ample hands-on experience with six AFMs for nine students!”

Bernard Lim, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

“I had a really good time and learned a lot at the bioclass and also the demo. I have already convinced my lab mates to attend the next bio class. Thanks again for your hard work in organizing everything.”

Calvin Chu, University of Miami

“It was such a wonderful experience at AR! Many thanks again for all the help and courtesy extended to me. I will for sure send my students to future Asylum Bio classes.”

Xiaohui (Frank) Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai

“Thanks again for a great course, it really was very useful and gave us all some valuable information!”

Flame Burgmann, CSIRO, Australia


"I'd like to thank you for all your kindness, time and effort you've put into making your Nanomechanics class a great experience for all of us. Everything was so at ease, informal and incredibly fun. All instructors were so attentive and the lectures were so informative, that I'm sure what I've learned there will be very helpful at my work."

Luciana Moreira Seara, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)/FUNDEP

"I attended Asylum’s AFM class for biologists several years ago. It’s composed of a series of seminars and hands-on experiments that are very helpful for AFM biological practices. Enjoy!"

Zhao Deng, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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